About the Author

You might say I have led an adventurous life. I was married at midnight in a jail in Mexico when I was eighteen. Raising my children has proved helpful in my writing. Including my humorous; The Single Male Parent’s Cookbook.

Some of my other activities include scuba diving, weightlifting, building houses, and even racing cars professionally; winning the 6-Hours of Sebring. On a wild adventure to Cali, Colombia, fifteen years ago, I met my wife Lucia. She is one of the best things that ever happened in my life. While in the mountains of Colombia, I thought guerrillas had captured me but it was the military. I still remember my first thoughts when I saw their 50 caliber machine guns, “Oh my God I’m going to be kidnapped.” To reassure my thoughts, Lucia turned to me and said, “Don’t say anything I don’t want them to hear your accent.” Do you know what my next thought was? “OH Boy! I’m going to become a bestseller!”

Personal notes; the first professional road race I entered I also won at the 6 Hours of Sebring.

My Work

For twenty-two years I have been writing scripts, novels and short stories. For me writing has solved all the problems I couldn’t in real life. I have written articles for racing magazines and won a few fiction short story contests.

My script "The Company" won best script in a Fan Story contest. One of my short scripts was one of the top six scripts reviewed by actress Dawn Olivieri, to be produced for her action role. I have completed nine novels and nine scripts in a variety of genres, including; action-adventure, family, teen, thriller, religious, drama, comedy, dark-comedy and science fiction. My most commercial novel; The Cajun. My best script; Live For Today. My favorite novel is Moon Shadow because it started me writing.

Right now I’m working on some uplifting scripts and three novels. One of the novels is called Live For Today. High School students in Katy, Texas are making it into a movie. They are filming, editing and directing the two-hour feature film.

Take a look at the trailer and see what they have done.